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Fight or Flight
Fight or Flight
Fight or Flight


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And so, we near the end of our little trip to the future of summer rock releases. Last stop before the trail derails? Why, it’s a little American settling called Hoobastank!

Posted May 17, 2012 by

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Before the news of a fifth studio album was unveiled, I fear many of us have to admit that Hoobastank had dropped off our music radar. Now, in the present ‘warm-up’ to ‘Fight or Flight’s release, as I reacquaint myself (with what began as a once-through listening to ‘The Reason’, now turning into a fixated session through their entire back-catalogue), I fathom to understand why; they are an emotional purging of bluntly honest lyrics, beat-driven melodies that make an adamant point of being noticed, and are almost 100% consistent in their ability to envelope their audience in every track. If you’re guilty of Hoobastank negligence, be wary; they’re back and they’re not about to leave unnoticed anytime soon.

‘This is Gonna Hurt’ is the band’s first single release from the forthcoming album, and it’s strong. Strong in the sense it sounds tighter, with a more developed edge. Also strong in the sense that it’s clad in iron. Oh yes, underneath Hoobastank all this time has been the Metal skeleton, and ‘Fight or Flight’s first single is about to show exactly what they’re really made of. The track is darker. A lot darker. It WILL knock you slightly when you first listen. You’ll stumble…regain your balance…shock shall turn to acceptance… And acceptance? It shall turn to head-banging, and a hungry anticipation for the rest of the album. Surely this cannot be a one track metallic record?

The sound may be heavier (reminiscent of Seether), the lyrics even more blunt. Our teenage-anger-anthems may be growing up, finding a stronger voice. But Hoobastank seem to still be doing what they do best; ‘easy-listening-bluntly-honest-anger-management’ alternative rock. So, will Hoobastank fight or fly? In my own opinion, there may be the possibility for them to do both; to fight their way back with a mosh pit to the former glory that was endowed upon them with ‘The Reason’ (one of the important rock tracks of a generation of pre-teens, and arguably their strongest album to date), whilst glimmering at a hope of flying to higher places… Metaphorically, of course.

Alicia Ballard

With an instrumental range varying from ukulele right the way to alto sax, it’s fair enough to say that my music taste is pretty eclectic. But as first and foremost a listener and lover of the good stuff, I’m addicted to rock and blues. Then again, I do sometimes find myself partial to a nice singer/songwriter. Or a bit of cheesy mainstream pop... Or a big dollop of the alternative arty kind… Ah shucks, I just love it all!